Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Hair Vendor?

A hair vendor is a large company (usually not based in the United States) that manufactures and curates wigs, bundles, frontals, closures, and basically everything hair. Smaller or local businesses, such as Kendras Boutique, The Wig Dealer, and Beyanni Hair, buy hair from their hair vendors at a lower price and resell it to you at a higher price. 

What Is A Hair Vendors List?

Our hair vendors list is a list of hair vendors who we have purchased hair from and worn and deemed their hair as great quality. Hair vendors that we do not like are not featured on the list! 


Can't I Find A Hair Vendor On My Own?

We encourage anyone who does not want to purchase our hair vendors list to find their own! Our list is simply intended to save you the time and hundreds or thousands of dollars you will spend looking for your own.